School Council

What is School Council:  We are a group of parents working to build relationships within our parent and guardian group, and amongst the community, our teachers and school administration. Our common goal is to build a school culture that maximizes the potential of each and every one of our students.  We strive to help to create great learning opportunities and experiences for the students of Four Winds Public School.


What is the benefit of a School Council:  Studies have show that the presence of parents in the school community result in higher grades and test scores, better attitudes and behaviour in students as well as better attendance.  All this culminates into general school improvement for all students.  The active role of parents makes all the difference in the experience your child will have during their school career.


How do I contribute to School Council: The easiest way is to attend a School Council meeting.  They are the perfect place for you to share your awesome ideas for enriching our students learning opportunities and experiences.  Have a concern?  Discuss those in a supportive environment and have your questions answered by your fellow parents or administration; between everyone participating you have access to a wealth of knowledge.   School Council is where parents have the best opportunity to get a say in their children’s education, all while having the opportunity to connect with fellow parents. 


Where are meetings: Meetings typically occur monthly and are at Four Winds Public School.  A week in advance of the meeting, agenda packages are posted on the Four Winds Public School Parents Facebook Page, as well as sent out through a Powerschool Announcement. 


What if I am unable to attend meetings:  Take the opportunity to read through the agenda packages.  These packages include the minutes from previous meetings as well as the current agenda of items that will be discussed at the upcoming meeting.  Have a great idea or concern?  Just get in touch with your School Council Chair who will be more than happy to have your item added to the agenda. 

Four Winds School Council

The Four Winds School Council meets most months on the second Thursday.

Council Minutes:

September 2023

October 2023

November 2023


The next School Council is on April 11, 2024 at 7pm.

See you there!