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Four Winds Public School has the following school wide rules and expectations:

1. To promote a safe and caring environment, Four Winds Public School students are expected to remain at school throughout the day (please refer to Attendance Section).

2. All types of electronic equipment or items that could interfere with the learning environment (i.e. Game Boy, laser pointer, etc.) are not to be used during school hours. If brought to school these items are not the responsibility of the school and they must be stored securely in the student’s locker upon arrival at school and throughout the school day.

3. Cell phones must be turned off during class time. Students may use their cell phone during lunch recess time (11:35 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.) Lost/stolen cell phones are not the responsibility of the school.

4. iPods, MP 3 players, gaming devices, etc. are allowed to be used at recess times only. These items are not the responsibility of the school.

5. Students are to walk quietly and safely to and from all activities.

6. Avoid the use of profane language and the use of inappropriate gestures.

7. Be in classrooms during regular class times, on time, and leave only with teacher’s permission.

8. Bring all required materials to class and ensure that all supplies are replaced as needed.

9. Keep school desks, lockers and classrooms in good order.

10. Report acts of vandalism, damage and criminal acts to the office.

11. Items which can be viewed as a weapon, or are deemed to be weapons under the Criminal Code, are prohibited from school property.

12. The throwing of snowballs is not permitted on the school grounds.

13. Dress as outlined in the dress code shown below:

School Attire Four Winds Public School strives to help students become productive citizens at school, high school and/or post-secondary schooling or the work force. As a result, students are expected to dress appropriately for the school/work setting and weather conditions. Images and text is suitable for children and is respectful of others Clothing covers body and under garments allowing children to be active and dignified Clothing allows children to participate in cold, wet, windy, and warm weather Both indoor and outdoor shoes Hats are not worn inside the school except for special circumstances All school staff is empowered to address situations of inappropriate dress. Students may be asked to cover up, turn shirts inside out, or wear school provided clothing if it is deemed their clothing is not appropriate. The Student Council does host theme days and students are expected to still be considerate when choosing their clothes. Suitable footwear should be worn according to weather conditions. All students are asked to remove outdoor footwear and place them in the racks provided. Indoor shoes are to be worn at all times while in the building. Non-marking running shoes are required in the gymnasium.

14. Students will be expected to be outside on those days which are warmer than –20°C (unless involved in a supervised inside activity).

15. Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for weather conditions, as students are not allowed access to the school until 7:55 a.m. (unless weather determines otherwise).

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