Dare to Reimagine Learning

Health Safety

Four Winds Public School operates on the premise that all students have the right to learn and that the school environment guides students towards responsible behaviour. It is expected that students, while in school or participating in school-sponsored activities, behave in an appropriate manner that does not interfere with the rights and privileges of other students or staff. Home and school alike must share the responsibility for acceptable behaviour. The school is a place where there is a joint effort to learn, relate and grow.

Common Student Code of Behaviour

  • Respect for authority
  • Respect for other individuals
  • Respect for one's own self
  • Respect for property
  • Respect for the learning environment
  • Consideration for the safety of self and others

It is the belief of Four Winds Public School that it is the responsibility of each individual in a position of authority to ensure that these guidelines are adhered to in a consistent manner.